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Ch. Balladair Reach For The Stars

Monica was born November 27, 2000 at the home
of Garth and Karen Smith.
She is the daughter of Grover and Star, both Balladair Bichons.
Stylish and elegant with lovely movement, she quickly finished her
Canadian Championship with a Puppy Group and Group 4th.

Monica's Pedigree

Am. Can. Ch. Balladair Follow Your Dreams

Can. Ch. Yoannewyn's Dream of Aspinrock

Am. Can. Ch. Wendar Fly The Flag

Can. Ch. Sulyka Pandora

Can. Ch. Balladair at Trafalgar Square

Am. Can. Ch. Yoannewyn's Col Billericay

Balladair's Morning Prayer

Balladair's Rising Star

Can. Ch. Kenningway's Bon Chance

Can. Ch. Dalnavert Frosted Coconut Ice

Can. Ch. Neigenuveaux's Lady Kenningway

Can. Ch. Balladair The Joke's On You

Am. Can. Ch. Luvit Dalnavert Chicago Bear

Balladair's Morning Prayer